Amazon rant

Ok, here is a little rant i need to get off my chest.

This one might cost me a lot of „friends“ here, but i need to write it down anyway.


This is about Jeff Bezos, the richest man on this planet, how he runs his company Amazon and how he is in close range to overrule orange 45 as being the biggest asshole on this planet. And this is about a lot of you people, all of you who still use this monster to buy stuff. 


In the time of the Covid 19 Crisis, where a lot of you sing the prays to the „system relevant“ Heroes, Jeff Bezos and his minions fire storage workers who speak out about not existing safety measures, about no payed sick leave, about time schedules that gives them no time to even wash their hands. He not only fired dozens of critical voices during the last weeks and months, he treats them pretty much like a slave owner. He do not care if they die and he do not care if you die, as long as he gets your money in his greedy hands. He is so greedy because he believes that he and some chosen ones need to leave this planet as soon as they can, knowing that they fuck up this planet so hard that mayhem is just around the corner. So what you get is a great potential of Covid 19 sick workers moving your packets without the chance to wash their hands. Well done. And how is he able to do that? 

It is easy, because even if you know that he is that kind of an asshole and this is how it works, you are still ordering your meaningless shit from there, lazy and greedy as you are, because it is „convenient“ and sometimes, but only sometimes a few cent cheaper. This is beyond stupid. You make it easy for him to profit from this perverted way of trading. You are the ones who feed this monster and you are the only ones who can kill it, the customer, and actually you can kill it very fast. There are enough platforms that at least try to create fair working conditions, some of them even encourage the worker to create labour unions and invest in communities, insustainability. Yes, it might take a day or two more and sometime cost a some cent or a dollar more, but none of the stuff you order there is essential to your survival, none. This is you being lazy fuckers and nothing else. And now you are fucking yourself with this shit.



Neal McQueen


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